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Objects of the national bibliography record of Belarus are:

- hand-written books (a retrospective national bibliography);
- books (books and brochures);
- periodicals and serials;
- printed music;
- art editions;
- maps;
- leaflets (a retrospective national bibliography);
- official editions (legal acts);
- bibliographic manuals;
- editions for blind and visually impaired readers;
- audio-and video documents;
- theses;
- abstracts of theses;
- patent documents;
- reports on the research, experimental-design projects, deposited scientific papers;
- standards (technical normative legal acts) (a current national bibliography);
- standards (a retrospective national bibliography);
- electronic editions;
- component parts of a document (a current national bibliography):
а) articles from periodicals (magazines, collections etc), non-periodicals and serials;
б) articles from newspapers;
в) reviews;
- exteriorics (''Belarusika") – documents which relate to Belarus in accordance with such signs as a language, the author’s belonging and content but which have been published abroad.